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Gold & GP Event
The duration of the event is 1 month. Good luck!
What is the Gold & GP Event

Gold & GP Event is an event that you can win free Gold or GP simply by completing two tasks. Gold or GP gains are randomly generated by the system.

Gold prizes are between 50-1000,
GP prizes are between 1000-5000.

The duration of the event is 24 hours. Good luck!


    First step, you need to add to your profile nickname on Steam. After you change your nickname, press the verify button.

  • Click here and add to your Steam nickname. Verify Steam Nickname


    Second step, replace your Steam profile picture with picture. After you change your photo, press the verify button.

  • Click here and download profile photo and add to your Steam profile. Verify Steam Profile Photo


    If you've completed two steps, press the Claim My Rewards button and get your reward!

  • You will randomly win Gold or GP. In case of any problem, please email